Gastric Sleeve

Sleeve gastrectomy is a very effective Obesity Surgery/Weight Loss Surgery.

This procedure is typically performed laparoscopically. Small instruments are inserted through multiple small incisions to the upper abdomen. During sleeve gastrectomy, about 80-85% of the stomach is removed, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana.

Limiting the size of your stomach restricts the amount of food you are able to eat. The part that produces the hunger hormones will also be removed and this will also reduce the feeling of appetite (Hunger). The procedure causes hormonal changes that helps with weight loss. This also helps to relieve conditions related with being overweight, such as High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes.

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    Expected Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    – Within the First Month: Expected weight loss of 15-20% of excess weight.

    – Within the first 3 months: Expected weight loss of 30-40% of excess weight.

    – Within the first 6 months: Expected weight loss of 50-60% of excess weight.

    – At the end of the 1st year: Expected weight loss of 60-100% of the excess weight.

    Sleeve Gastrectomy in Antalya

    The sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey, also called gastric sleeve, is a bariatric surgery operation to induce weight loss. This procedure works by reducing the size of your stomach. The word “gastrectomy” means the removal of part or all of your stomach in medical terminology. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure removes about 80% of your stomach, leaving behind a tubular “sleeve,” about the size and shape of a banana. Reducing the size of your stomach is an easy way to restrict the amount of food you can consume in one sitting, making you feel fuller and faster. However, gastric sleeve procedure also serves another purpose: it decreases the number of hunger hormones that your stomach can produce. This helps to reduce your appetite. In this way, cravings and may help to prevent the impulses that cause people to regain the weight they have lost.

    Gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya is a surgical treatment for obesity and medical conditions connected to obesity. This type of procedure is only offered to qualified people who have serious medical conditions related to their obesity or are at high risk for developing them. Sleeve gastrectomy procedure can improve and sometimes eliminate diseases, including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hypertensive heart disease, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), arterial disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, steatohepatitis, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, joint pain, and osteoarthritis.

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      The risks of sleeve gastrectomies are far less than the risks of having obesity and its related diseases. This type of operations also have lower complication rates than other common operations, including gallbladder removal and hip replacement. Most sleeve gastrectomies in Antalya are performed by minimally invasive surgical techniques, which means less pain from incisions and faster recovery.

      About Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Antalya

      Sleeve gastrectomy in Antalya is a surgical operation that induces weight loss by restricting food intake. With this surgical procedure, which is usually performed laparoscopically, the expert surgeon removes approximately 75 percent of the stomach. This approach results in the stomach taking on the shape of a tube or “sleeve” which holds much less food. Although originally devised as the first stage of a two-stage process for superobese or high-risk patients, gastric sleeve surgery is now commonly and successfully used as a destination procedure for weight loss in persons with BMI greater than 40.

      Statistically, the reported weight loss for gastric sleeve procedure ranges from 60% of the excess weight; better results are acquired with good adherence to dietary and behavioral guidelines. With logical food preferences, regular exercise, and good eating habits, patients who have had a sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey will enjoy and maintain good weight loss.

      With the gastric sleeve surgery, there is no foreign body implanted, as with the adjustable gastric band, and there is no complex intestinal rearrangement, as with the gastric bypass. Most patients discover that after reasonable healing, they are able to comfortably eat a wide variety of foods, including meats and fibrous vegetables. Unlike the adjustable gastric band and the gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent operation it cannot be reversed.

      Sleeve gastrectomy induces rapid and influential weight loss comparable to gastric bypass operation. With gastric sleeve surgery, patients can expect to lose 50% or more of their excess weight in three years. The method does not require the implantation of a band, nor does it re-route the digestive process. Hormonal changes after the sleeve gastrectomy procedure help patients to feel sated, eat less, as well as improve or resolve diabetes.

      Who Is A Good Candidate for Sleeve Gastrectomy in Antalya?

      If your body mass index (BMI) is 35 or more and you have been struggling to lose weight even while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sleeve gastrectomy could be an option in Antalya for you. You must also be fit for surgery and general anesthetic to be considered for a sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Sometimes, a gastric sleeve operation is carried out before you can have gastric bypass surgery. In this case, you will need to wait for up to 18 months after your sleeve gastrectomy before being assessed for the second operation. By that time, you should have lost an important amount of weight.

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        The sleeve gastrectomy procedure is different from a gastric bypass as a bypass involves creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach which is then connected to the small intestine, redirecting past (bypassing) the rest of the stomach. This surgery would stop you from craving or consuming unhealthy food, so you must be willing to make long-term lifestyle changes. To ensure your gastric sleeve surgery will work long-term, you require to be committed to eating three low-sugar meals a day while avoiding snacks and sugary drinks. You should also avoid drinking liquids with your meals and rise the amount of exercise you do. You should also think of other ways to relax or improve your mood, instead of relying on food.

        How is the Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed in Antalya?

        The sleeve gastrectomy in Antalya is done in the hospital under general anesthesia. Your expert bariatric surgeon will make about five small cuts in your belly. A professional bariatric team will do the surgery using a thin, long, telescope with a tiny camera at the end. Instruments pushed through the incisions will be utilized to remove about 80% of your stomach. Your expert bariatric surgeon will do the procedure using images on a TV screen in the operating room.

        Gastric sleeve surgery takes out the part of your stomach that curves outward called the fundus. After the fundus is taken out, the bariatric surgeon will close the rest of your stomach into a tube shape that looks like a banana or the sleeve of your shirt, therefore the name “sleeve gastrectomy.” In this way, you will have a much smaller stomach; you will fill up fast at mealtimes and consume less.

        The fundus includes most of the zone of your stomach that secretes a hormone called ghrelin. Because ghrelin may be partly responsible for making you feel hungry, taking out this part of your stomach may also help you lose weight afterward by reducing your hunger level. Gastric sleeve surgery takes about 2 hours in Antalya. Most people stay in the hospital for about 2 days after gastric sleeve surgery.

        Recovery From Sleeve Gastrectomy

        Most patients get up from bed in the evening after the sleeve gastrectomy in Antalya. However, the patient is not allowed to either drink or eat for two days and receives all necessary nutrients intravenously. On the third day, the patient begins to consume pure cold water sip by sip. The patients also gradually receive added milk and broth in the recovery process. Only from the 6th day may the patient begin with thin blended food. Moreover, after four weeks the patient is allowed to change to regular food whilst respecting dietary suggestions. Generally, patient discharge is possible on the fourth postoperative day.

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          An appropriate part of sleeve gastrectomy is physical activity, which is not overly limited after the stitches are removed. It is significant for the patient after sleeve gastrectomy to cooperate with the clinic and to follow certain dietary limitations. It is especially essential to give up sweet liquid beverages (cola, energy drinks, etc.). It is acceptable to chew each mouthful thoroughly and avoid certain risky foods (undercooked chunks of meat, orange pulp, etc.). Violation of these rules can lead to vomiting; repeated indiscipline may lead to critical health complications. It is also suitable to consume at least five times a day and significantly limits fatty foods.

          After the sleeve gastrectomy, full recovery can be slow, with patients expected to return to work after two or four weeks. If a patient’s work involves manual labor then this process could be longer. Patients should undertake light exercise after the sleeve gastrectomy to help with recovery and also weight loss. Walking is one form of best exercise that can help with this. Overall exercise can help decrease the risk of blood clots in addition to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Patients will also be expected to start a diet that is healthy (with a restriction on certain foods) and to provide they are ingesting all the essential vitamins and nutrients the body requirements.

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